Higher margins.
Fewer leftovers.
More time.

Our machine learning solution provides operators of restaurants and canteens with accurate demand forecasts. Reduce food waste and save costs while spending less time on your purchase planning.
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DEMAND Forecasts to Optimize Purchase planning

Our forecast solution uses machine learning to combine historical data of your business with additional external factors to calculate future sales figures. Our forecasts offer valuable foresight for making the right decisions for procurement and production. Our Software as a Service solution requires nothing more than a computer with internet connection to receive all the latest forecasts through our web application.
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Simple Integration in Four Steps

Setting up the
data transfer

Combine it with additional external data

Train our deep learning engine

Receive the forecasts through our web app

Setting up the
data transfer

We combine it with additional external data

We train our deep learning engine with the data

Receive the forecasts through our web application

OUr Algorithms are customized to your individual needs

Every business has its own unique factors and boundary conditions.
Only a system which can incorporate this specific knowledge can offer truly robust forecasts.

The flexible architecture of our deep learning engine allows us to integrate the individual factors of your business at ease.

We prioritize data security

We understand that data security and protection is of utmost importance to our customers. This is why all data transactions are fully encrypted and fulfill the latest security standards.

Our partnering server providers were carefully selected with servers located all within the European Union. All data belongs to you at any time and of course, we do not share it with Third Parties.

Receive your Forecasts FROM ANY Device

Whether desktop pc, tablet or smartphone - our web application is compatible to all devices.

Know your numbers anywhere and anytime.

Reduce Food Waste

About 1/3 of all produced food gets wasted along the value chain. Optimized planning helps to avoid surpluses.

Reduce Cost of Sales

Reducing surpluses means you will buy less food overall and reduce your cost of sales.

Gain Customer Insight

Our predictions allow you to gain deeper insights into your customers' behavior.

Optimize Personnel Planning

Optimize your personnel planning according to our latest demand forecasts.
about us
Behind Delicious Data stand the two founders Jakob Breuninger (l.) and Valentin Belser (r.). Jakob holds a M.Sc. in Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence of the TU Munich and leads the technical development. Valentin has a master's degree in aerospace engineering and is responsible for sales and operations. Together, we have made it our mission to comprehensively increase the sustainability along the food value chain.

For the successful demonstration of the feasibility of our algorithm, we were awarded the Axel-Bohl-Preis, the young talent award of the Deutsches Institut für Gemeinschaftsgastronomie. Since June 2018, we are part of the Food Accelerator Network, an initiative by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology , which supports innovative startups in the food sector.

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